Glou + Glick
Smash up Pop up Bakery Wine Sammiches Deli Cookies Flour Proscuitto Hunks of Brie and Meatballs to go. 
Monday to Saturday noon to 7pm for now

406 Rogers Ave PLG Brooklyn
Pickup Noon to 7pm, Monday through Saturday

Glou + Glick

Glou + Glick

Pastries - Whatever Glick’s baking today MP

Mixed Olives - Lemon, Garlic, Herbs 5

Hummus - Zatar seasoning 6

GG Egg & Cheese, Grilled King’s Hawaiian Roll, Two Eggs, Cheddar, Herb Aoili 7

Add Prosciutto 7 

Panini Sammiches 14

Served with Arugula salad, Dijon Viniagrette, and Kettle Chips

Chicken Liver Pate, Spicy Cucumber

Sardine, Chickpea, Pickled Red Onion

Bacon Onion Jam, Brie, Grainy Mustard

Caprese, Fresh Mozz, Almond Pesto, Roasted Tomato

Manchego, Roasted Garlic, Fig Jam  Add Prosciutto 3

Bigger Bites

Arugula Salad  - Cherry Tomatoes, Grana Padano, Dijon Vinaigrette 10

Burrata Salad  - Roast Beets, Arugula, Toasted Almonds 12

Brussels Sprouts  - Herb Aioli, Toasted Sesame, Bonito Flakes 12

Quiche of the Day - Arugula salad, Dijon Vinaigrette 12

Roasted Broccoli - Almond Pesto, Farro, Grana Padano 14

Polpo e Ceci - Octopus, Chickpeas, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion 15

Meatballs - Beef and Pork, Marinara, Grana Padano, Toast 18


Coffee - Accidentally serving Lavazza Dark Roast 1

Iced Coffee - Same thing, but cold yet still costs more 2

San Pellegrino - Small Water, Orange, Grapefruit 2

San Pellegrino - 1L Water 3

Martinelli’s Sparkling Applejuice -  Drink your apple a day 3

Mimosa - Verichon & Clerc, Orange Juice 10

Spritz - Verichon & Clerc, Cappelletti Aperitivo, Lemon 10/35

Naturalish Wine end times bb


Verichon & Clerc - Blanc de Blancs, Orange oil, spring blossoms, greasy bubbles     18 

No es Pituko - Chilean Viognier, Citrus zest, gin & tonic, poppy fizz, floral     20 

Frederic Sornin - Beaujolais Blanc,  Perfect green apple Chardonnay. Don’t say it 20 

Milan Nestarec  ‘Běl’ Czech Gruner blend, Green fruit, round, a titch funky in a liter bottle 28 1L

Amorro Blanco Cadiz - Palmino Fino Oxidized, green tea and just enough stink    25 

Fabian Jouves ‘Les Agudes’  Vdf - Sauvignon blend Apple and Pear, lil rounder   25


Meinklang! Burgenland Gerurtz & PG Brown murky tin can water, Snappley 22

Forlorn Hope Calaveras CA - Amber, unsweetened iced tea, serious bizness 32


Petit Cochon Bronzé  Provoncish - Syrah Cinsault, Watermelon, white pepper, fig  20

Romain le Bars - Tavel Grenache, Syrah - Red Rose, skin tinted with a peppery bite 30

St-Cyr Pet Nat  Sparkling Gamay  Tastes like millions of cherries 35


Cantine Barbera ’Kalio’ ‘Perricone - Bio juicy brambly and tart, not Barbera 20

Fabian Jouves ‘F&@K’  Juraçon Noir - Lively manure, pretty herbal spice 25

Caicque Maravilla ‘Pipeño’ Chilean Pais  Brambled pink peppercorns, tart tobacco       25 1L

Hurluberlu  Amphora Cab Franc - Juicy pomegranate dryer sheets, chill it bb 30

Athlétes du Vin Grolleau - Funky musty medium bodied, chocolate cherries 23

Anthony Thevenet  2017 - Morgon Gamay - Cloves, Inky Leather 30

Mariano Utiel-Requena Bobal, Syrah, Garnacha  - Sour purple, lacto chorizo, vino vivo 28

Les Enfants Sauvages Carignan, Grenache, Mourvèdre - Natty mouthful of bees 35

Simon Busser Côt, Merlot - Mossy smoke, cardamom pods, galangal, granite 30